Photo by Jeff Newton

Photo by Jeff Newton

Shelly Sazdanoff's, minimal, monochromatic pieces are handwoven with linen and the three-dimensional texture comprised of hundreds to thousands of very small knots. 

Tangibly, her work explores texture, line and negative space as well as elements of contrast. She uses only three shades of linen (silver, white and black) therefore forcing her to push the boundaries of design. Metaphorically, Shelly's work commentates on our common humanity and desire to find the meaning in life. Specifically focusing on the thought experiment in the Biblical book Ecclesiastes. The book is the only negatively-toned book in the entire literary work that questions everything. "It's the study of the human condition and experience and our quest for meaning and self-sufficiency stretched to it's furthest point and left wanting." Our toil, our celebration, our pain, fear and postponement of death and ideas of justice are all reoccurring themes and the question is what do we do with those and what is the point? Sazdanoff's, hope is that her work forces the viewer to these same questions.

Commissions are always welcome.

"Being creative is not so much the desire to do something as the listening to that which wants to be done: the dictation of the materials." -Anni Albers

©Shelly Sazdanoff 2016